Nkoyas nod decentralization policy


THE decentralization policy being pursued by Government is a welcome move that will bring direct development  to the people, says Kazanga Cultural Association vice chairperson Enock Mubwati.

He said devolution would work to the advantage of the people if they had representatives.

Mr Mubwati said calls for Western Province secession would be the thing of the past if the Government implemented the devolution of power policy.

He however said calls for secession of Western Province were primitive and selfish, spearheaded by individuals who wanted to take the advantage of the situation.

Mr Mubwati said the decentralization policy would enable citizens to take part in Government decision-making processes and offered enhanced opportunities to put democracy into practice especially at the local level, if well implemented.

“Devolution is a welcome move which we the Nkoyas of Kaoma are supporting because each district will have its own ways of doing things to bring development closer to the people,” he said.

He said it was for this reason the Nkoya people of Kaoma had been calling for the 11th province because they also wanted to feel the benefit.

“Chief Mutondo should be recognised just like any other chief so that we Nkoyas as well could feel part of the process,” he said.

Mr Mubwati said decentralisation would help all the tribes to be recognized and unite the country, as no one who would feel left out.

He said there were some areas that were still faced by challenges because they were vast and that not all the people were feeling the benefit of development, saying devolution would ensure development spread to all the parts of the country equally.

He said decentralisation was key to development and that the newly created districts would help to locate some boundaries between areas.

Government in 2013 revised and re-launched the national decentralisation policy which was operationalised in 2014 which seeks to devolve power from central government to local authorities in all districts across the country.