Todays text messages

Self-acclaimed Zambian

tycoons should emulate



Dangote’s wealth is wealth to be proud of as Africans across the continent. I say so because his wealth has spread even to Zambia, where he has put up a massive cement manufacturing company which in turn has employed hundreds and their families who depend on these employees. He is unlike some of the self-acclaimed financial tycoons of Zambia whose wealth they go about boasting in their political campaigns. Will these self-acclaimed Zambian tycoons ever think of spreading to the poor Zambians? Do it if you have money which you boast about in campaigns

Lastin Sikazwe, Ndola

 ACC should probe

corruption at the

ministry of education


The recruitment of untrained teachers shows how corrupt the ministry of education is. The Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) should investigate all those officers involved in this issue including the DEBS because they were doing this together. The minister should crack a whip on all those found wanting. This has been going on for a long time.

Chanda Chisha , Kapiri

 No one region can win 2016



Tribalism is simply committing suicide. Those involved should know that they risk being isolated by other tribes. It also means isolating anyone among them who might be aspiring for national leadership. This explains why some tribes have been on the bench since independence. Politics requires reading the game like late Anderson Kambela Mazoka did. Chiefs should know this. No one region can, win elections in Zambia. However, it is a fact that whoever has the support of the Bemba speaking plus any other, has an advantage. This is purely based on statistics. Mere arrogance because of wealth is pure doom.

Zulu PM, Lusaka

 Mines should not lay off



The decision by mine owners to lay off miners was not the right way to go. It was wise for them to cut on costs and not on production by laying off workers. This path is suicidal as they have cut the extravagate life which is used to finance trips and holidays for the directors at the expense of the company. The lost jobs could have been saved had the company considered these factors. I hope the affected miners would come to tame this traumatic experience.


 Attacking President Lungu is waste of time


Please let other media sections know that it is very divisive to lean on a journalistic style bent on wanton image destruction of the Head of State and the ruling party when we make comparison or reference to the biblical saying that ‘we were all born sinners and fall short of the glory of God’ 

Masialeti Simvula, Lusaka

Attack on Inonge Wina’s

home raises concerns


Allow me to comment on the attack which took place at the Veep’s residence in Nalolo Western Province. Happenings in the political circles raise a lot of concern. I am happy with the way some prominent figures such as Rev Pukuta Mwanza and Father Chiti have come out in condemning the act. Few days ago in Kitwe’s Chachacha township UPND offices were attacked by suspected PF supporters. Information we have got through some news channels shows that in the process some people were injured to my disappointment none of these prominent figures have failed to condemn the act


 We need unity


The current challenges we are facing today as a country can only be solved if we unite. Finger- pointing and fault-finding will not help in any way. We need to get together and support President Lungu to move this country forward.

Concernerd citizen

 Some media houses up to no good


It is a fact that some media bosses and some opposition leaders are sadists and economic saboteurs. The earlier our Government realizes the better for Zambia. These people cannot hold us hostage in our own country as if we don’t think to allow them to continue on the path of destroying our country with impunity in the name of freedom of speech.

Concerned citizen