ZABS ups used vehicle inspections


THE Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has stepped up the inspection of used motor vehicles from 4, 322 in the second quarter of 2015 to 4,724 in the third quarter, says bureau head of marketing and public relations Hazel Zulu.

Ms Zulu said ZABS had inspected a total of 4,724 imported used motor vehicles in the third quarter of 2015 to promote public safety and address environmental concerns.

She said the inspection was in a bid to promote public safety and monitor compliance with the Zambian standard relating to used motor vehicles.

Ms Zulu explained that Zambian Standard was a code of practice for the inspection and testing of used motor vehicles for roadworthiness that was declared compulsory by the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry through Statutory Instrument number 120 of 2006.

“Of the 4,724 used motor vehicles that were inspected in the period under review, 2,664 vehicles were issued with Road Worthiness Inspection (RWI) certificates whereas 2,064 vehicles paid penalties due to the failure by the importers to comply with pre-shipment requirements,” she said.

She noted that 1, 612 vehicles were inspected in July, 1,512 in August and 1,602 used motor vehicles in September 2015.

“ZABS is not happy that some vehicle importers have continued to evade road worthiness inspections at the point of origin and warns that such importers should know that they are in violation of the Standards Act Cap 416 of the laws of Zambia and risk the lives of road users,” she said.

Ms Zulu said the bureau advised importers of used motor vehicles to ensure that they subjected their vehicles to road worthiness inspections at the point of origin to avoid bringing in un-roadworthy vehicles into the country.

She said pre-shipment inspection of goods in general was a standard international practice which helped countries control the influx of sub-standard products from entering their markets.

“The greatest advantage of this practice is that the sub-standard products are detected at source and prevented from being shipped to importing countries,” she said.