Chief’s aide held over miner’s disappearance


POLICE in Kabwe have arrested Chief Ngabwe’s retainer in connection with the disappearance of a miner at Bando Mine three months ago.

Ngabwe District commissioner Melody Phiri confirmed to the Daily Nation yesterday that she had information that Jim Mangaila was arrested in connection with the disappearance of Donald Muleba, who was last seen on 1st September after the installation of Mr Ignitious Kashoka as Chief Ngabwe

Central Province Police Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi  said police had instituted investigations to establish what had transpired but refused to confirm whether Mr. Mangaila was in custody.

“Police have been investigating that issue for three months now and we will continue investigating this matter until we establish the truth but I cannot confirm whether the chief’s retainer has been arrested or not because that will jeopardise our investigations,” Ms. Kamukoshi said.

But Mr. Muleba’s wife, Fan Muleba, has accused the police of employing delaying tactics into the issue which was clear that her husband might have been murdered by the person he was last seen with.

Ms. Muleba explained that her husband left to take shovels and picks for use with his colleagues at a mine on 28 August, 2015 and passed through the chief’s palace where the installation was taking place and tarried there for four days before proceeding to the mine.

“My husband was at the chief’s palace from 28th August to 1st September where the coronation was taking place. The chief himself called my daughter on 1st September telling her that her father was at the palace and would proceed to the mine the same day.

‘‘According to the information we were given when we went to the chief’s palace, the retainer was instructed to take my husband to the mine using a motorbike on the same day.

“After questioning the retainer on what happened to my husband, he told us that he left him on the way to the mine and returned because he had run out of fuel and that he did not know what had happened to him and that is how we reported the matter to the police and was consequently arrested,” Ms. Muleba explained.

She said the family would not have known that her husband was missing if it was not for his fellow miners who had made a follow-up.

“My husband was the one who had the tools to use at the mine and when he delayed his friends made a follow-up and that is when we knew he was missing.

‘‘The police are dragging their  feet over the matter simply because they know that there are some influential people involved in the disappearance of my husband. All we want to know is where he is. If he is dead, at least we should have access to his bones,” Ms. Muleba said.