Chipimo pulls out of 2016 race

NATIONAL Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo says the party will not field any candidate in the 2016 general elections in order to direct its efforts towards building the foundation for victory in 2021.

Mr Chipimo said NAREP would devote its time on ensuring that in 2016 the party had representation both in Parliament and in local government.

“During the next election, we shall field candidates in selected parliamentary constituencies and adopt councillors to support them as part of how we build necessary base for our future success,” Mr Chipimo told a media briefing at his office in Lusaka yesterday.

“There will be those that will feel aggrieved. There will be those that will feel betrayed – those that feel the investment they had made over the years to build the party within their own areas has gone to waste,” Mr Chipimo said.

He urged all NAREP supporters and sympathisers to be patient with the party’s plan and work together in order to ‘‘build the right steps’’ for victory.

And when asked which political party Mr Chipimo and NAREP would endorse in 2016, he said it was too early to tell.

“It is too early to tell which political party NAREP will support but at an appropriate time we shall inform the nation,” Mr Chipimo said.

Meanwhile, Mr Chipimo said the only way to have a new Constitution was by supporting the piece meal amendments suggested by the Patriotic Front (PF) Government. Mr Chipimo said the current process of amendment was the right step and cheaper.

He said the civil society organisations and some political parties opposing the idea were playing in the hands of the PF government.

He said piece meal amendment was the only sure way of having a new document in place.

Mr Chipimo endorsed the clauses on presidential running mate and the 50 percent+1 contained in the Constitution Amendment Bill which goes for second reading in Parliament today.

One thought on “Chipimo pulls out of 2016 race

  1. This is another Kantemba party aimed at creating the much needed political confusion in the political arena so that Chipimo’s preferred presidential candidate pulls through and behind the curtains Chipimo and his favoured candidate will recklessly plunder the country’s wealth Chipimo’s withdraw from the presidential race is very suspicious. Chipimo has a senior executive committee of his party surely if there wasn’t anything sinister this decision would have come from the Supreme organ of his party.

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