Todays text messages

Selfish leaders have no place in Zambia


The sooner the UPND and its leader HH realize that violence is not a way to win people’s hearts the better. It has become clear that in his desperation  act to become president, HH cannot even denounce violence or indeed stop his cadres from misbehaving. The police urgently cage these thugs and ensure we continue enjoying our peace ahead of the general elections. Selfish leaders have no place in Zambia.

MM Mofya, Lusaka

 HH is now panicking


The type of appetite for power that Hakainde is engaging the Head of State is hurting lives  of many along the way. The meetings and mobilization he excuses himself of are not anything to go by. 2016 is far off. The desperate never win. I know time is ebbing away for HH to leave the politics of bitterness, envy, jealousy and self-assertion and the over-bearing spirit that he has. Hence HH is severely panicking. But he will not make it to State House next year. No regime change at least for next year say Zambians. HH is exhibiting last kicks of a dying horse.


 PF management should wake up and start to work


I entirely agree with Enock Chulu. Politics is about strategizing, it’s very true that for PF to deliver Central Province we need to embrace Ronnie Shikapwasha and of course the likes of Moses Muteteka. In this regard I would like to urge the ruling party SG and his deputy to start organizing the party from grass roots. We wouldn’t like to take the MMD way. People who are close to the President are busy telling him that all is well. Like Enock Chulu rightly puts it the best way to be understood by well-meaning Zambians is to engage them through gatherings. Mr Chulu is spot on.

DL, Lusaka

 ECZ should explain if 2016

campaigns are on


I would like the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)) to tell the nation if they have declared the 2016 general election campaigns open because the Patriotic Front seems to have started their campaigns by branding public service buses and taxis and some private vehicles as ‘nafuti nafuti Edgar C Lungu, 2016 infintu ni Lungu’.

Limpo Situmbeko, Ndola

 UPND has caused insecurity in Western Province


It is regrettable that barely a week after Dandy Crazy was attacked, UPND cadres have now caused another insecurity in Western Province. They would have spared Mama Inonge Wina’s village. It is now apparently clear that the reason UPND adopted the color red could be that they are obsessed with bloodshed. The party is now a danger to the peace and security of the nation. As a youth rights activist I call upon my fellow peace-loving Zambians to strongly denounce UPND violence.

Chanda Marvin, Lusaka

 Some media houses up to no good


Can the Ndola City council do something about this man by who has been arrested on two occasions for illegally allocating plots and released from police custody? He was found with all sorts of plans/maps, letters of offer but he was surprisingly released. Whose interest is he serving? Why is it that every time he is arrested, he is released from custody?

Kalyuni MM, Ndola.


 Tame your cadres


It’s plain and simple to tell which party is the most violent in Zambia. Why should UPND attack a musician? What has Dandy done to them? Should we also go for Pilato? We always warned you time and again this party will disregard the rule of law once given the mandate to govern this peaceful country. As usual their president is mute. HH tame your cadres.

DL, Lusaka.

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  1. The Zambia daily nation Link PF has the potential to cause discontentment in the nation there is too much hate write ups in your paper please tone down HH you try tear into shreds has built himself well because of the message he has sold to the Zambians and the majority of the Zambians will vote for him whether you paint him grey.

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