Govt alert to waterborne diseases


GOVERNMENT has stepped up its efforts to fight disease outbreaks associated with the rainy season, deputy minister of Health  Chitalu Chilufya has said.

Dr. Chilufya observed that during the rainy season, there were possibilities of waterborne disease outbreaks.

“We are aware that rainy seasons come with different types of diseases and as ministry, we are happy that so far we have not yet received any cases of outbreaks,” Dr. Chilufya said.

He said the country had so far not recorded any cases of waterborne disease outbreaks this season.

Dr. Chilufya indicated that the ministry had put in measures to prevent and fight diseases associated with the rainy season.

He said the ministry had improved sanitary conditions of all its health centres  throughout the country.

He noted that the ministry was also determined to increase the supply of health equipment and drugs to all health centres in all districts to combat possible waterborne disease outbreaks in the country.

“As a ministry it is our responsibility to be always prepared for these outbreaks because they could strike at any time, the possibilities are quite high.

‘‘We have to take preventive measures and we are also scaling up our efforts in case of an outbreak,” he said.

Dr. Chilufya also indicated that the ministry had rolled out different initiatives to strengthen awareness concerning health practices, including sensitizing people on good hygiene through community education and the media on the use of toilets and safe water.

He said it was important that people were sensitized, adding that this would automatically reduce the risks of possible outbreaks.

Dr. Chilufya urged citizens to take preventive measures by being conscious of their environment and ensuring that they observe health precautions to avoid waterborne disease outbreaks.