Lack of testing kit slows down ZABS

LACK of testing facilities for products being added on the way to ensure quality products for consumers has posed a challenge for the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) to perform effectively in 2015, says bureau director Manuel Mutale.

Mr Mutale said much as ZABS appreciated the testing facilities it had, there was need to invest in laboratories for all products.

He was speaking when he featured on the Zambia National Broadcasting (ZNBC) Radio 2 programme.

He said a well performing standards bureau all over the world needed quality testing facilities for it to perform better.

“We appreciate the laboratories we have at the moment, they are good but there are other products on the way and there is need to invest in good labs.

“A well performing national standards body anywhere in the world is one with quality testing facilities that should be able to answer the needs of its citizens,” he said.

Mr Mutale also said non-compliance electrical cables were another challenge the bureau encountered in 2015.

He advised the public to involve experts whenever they were buying cables.

He however commended Zambian cable manufacturers – Zamefa and ZACO Cable – for producing quality cables.

Mr Mutale said the two companies had complied with the bureaus’ standards.

“Cables manufactured in Zambia by our factories in Kabwe and Luanshya, ZAMEFA and ZACO, and very good quality cables.

“We are proud because they have come to the bureau and we have given them the standards and they are manufacturing them according to those standards,” he said.

Mr Mutale also said ZABS aimed at continuing to partner with the local industry in 2016 and ensure they were supported.

He said Zambia would only move forward if the small medium enterprises were supported.

“We want to continue being a partner of industry; this country will only move forward if we support the small medium enterprises. Our partnership with CEEC in 2016 will focus on the SMEs,” he said.

Mr Mutale said sustainable industries would produce quality products and create long-term jobs.