Lungu dates press


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is today expected to hold a press conference to address the nation on a range of national issues. The press conference will be held at State House at 12:00 hours and members of the press and Diplomatic corps have been invited.


One thought on “Lungu dates press

  1. Whatever Edgar says at the press briefing and despite the current economic situation in the country, I will not waste my vote on no selfish individual, an alliance of convenience or an insulting individual or group of persons who want to go to State House at all cost – blood or no bloodshed. Truth be told, these people have no single Zambian (apart from their families and sidekicks) or indeed all the Zambians at heart. All they want is prestige and not to serve. Comrade Edgar, be assured that you have my vote, that of my spouse and my entire family.

    With no regrets,

    Humble person.

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