Nawakwi ‘insults’ annoy PF youths


ZAMBIANS must denounce Forum for Development and Democracy (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi whose tirade of insults is negating the efforts of President Edgar Lungu to unify the nation, Matero constituency PF youth secretary Stanley Mwamba Kafula has said.

In an interview yesterday, Mr. Kafula said Ms. Nawakwi was a bitter woman whose political rhetoric was to discredit the leadership.

He said the continued vulgar language against the leadership was annoying PF members and it was just a matter of time before they react to her insults.

Mr. Kafula said wars and divisions in the world start with hate speech which Ms. Nawakwi was promulgating now for her to unseat the PF in the next election.

“Miss Nawakwi is a bitter mother and there is nothing the people of Zambia should expect from her. However, we want to remind her that confusion and discontentment in a country starts by hate speech against a particular region or agenda.

‘‘And this is the route Ms. Nawakwi has taken in a bid to divide the nation,” said Mr. Kafula.

He said it was clear that Ms. Nawakwi has lost the value to be a mother of the nation in the manner she was conducting herself by insulting the elected leadership.

It was not the first time for the FDD leader to insult and call an elected leader names, adding that she had fought with other people in the opposition whom she called names without any little respect or regard.

He said it was uncalled for for Ms. Nawakwi to refer to President Lungu as a ‘‘failed leadership who has reached the dead end’’ in the governance of the nation, saying the PF youth leadership should not be blamed for discrediting her.

“We feel this woman who has lost the credence of being a mother has gone too far with her insulting culture which is unZambian. She has to realise that President Lungu was elected by over a million people in the January 20th elections while she only got less than 16,000 votes.

‘‘Let her strop insulting the over one million people who elected President Lungu,” said Mr. Kafula.

“We have to let her know that we are ready for her and we hope she doesn’t complain of the conduct we shall offer her on the political scene. We respected her as a mother but we have seen that she is not worth the respect of a mother……and we shall treat her like that,” said Mr. Kafula.