PF courts Elias Chipimo

Elias Chipimo has the leadership qualities we can use and we will embrace him if he decides to endorse Patriotic Front (PF) just like we supported FR Frank Bwalya says PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri.

Reacting to Mr Chipimo’s decision to pull out of  next year’s election, she said Chipimo was a young dynamic leader who would work well with the ruling party and that the PF still had room to welcome new members.

‘’ We have pledged working with Mr Chipimo if he decides to endorse our party, he is a young dynamic politician with good leadership qualities that PF can use’’ she said.

She also National Restoration Party(NAREP) president had maintained peace with the PF unlike the United Party for National Development(UPND) that has continued to institute fights with government.

Mumbi also appealed to women in the country not to vote for the UPND as they had no respect for women.

He said UPND is cursed because of the attacks on the Vice President. She added that the bible clearly teaches that God always listens to prayers by children and widows and it was for that reason UPND would never rise to victory.

‘’ I would like to warn all the women in this country not to make a mistake of voting for the UPND, women and children are the most vulnerable in society, UPND is cursed, the bible rebukes anyone who lays a finger on a widows and children, Our Vice president is a poor widow who is just helping our nation, they will suffer for that’’ she said.

She said it was not the first time UPND disrespected women and it was time people saw the distinction between PF and the opposition.

She said Hakainde Hichilema had no levels of literacy as he claims because he was used to ganging up cadres which he could have not done if he was educated.

‘’ Nalalanda mu cibemba kuti bonse bomfwe, ba UPND balibelela ukobola, filya twalechita kubwaiche’’( I will speak in Bemba so that everyone will be able to understand, UPND is used to forming gangs that is what we used to do during childhood.

She said it was very immature for HH to plot attacks and later accuse the PF of trying to Frame the UPND.

She said the PF had nothing to frame the opposition party for but it was the opposition that were doing all they could to distract the ruling party from their victory next year.

She said the UPND will continue to be a violent party as it was their nature. The secretary added that the PF will however not fear any threats from anyone.

‘’ When HH was in the Copperbelt, the PF condemned the act, I condemned it, my president Edgar Lungu condemned and many other Pf members condemned it because we are not a violent party, but when mama Wina was attacked UPND says we planned it to frame them, why should we frame them as though we fear them, people of Zambia and women will hear and be able to decide that PF is a better party than UPND come 2016’’ she said.