PF won’t have it easy-UPND


THE mass job losses on the Copperbelt and other parts of the country will force Zambians to vote the Patriotic Front (PF) out of Government and it is folly for the ruling party to fantasize that it will have an easy victory in the general elections next year, Edward Mumbi has charged.

Mr Mumbi who is United Party for National Development (UPND) presidential spokesperson said his political party was going to give the PF a good run in the 2016 general elections.

Mr Mumbi said Mr Chama had become too comfortable to see that his political party had lost popularity because Zambians felt the PF had completely failed to govern hence the country’s economic crisis.

He said it was wishful thinking for the ruling party to believe that there was no opposition in the country that would unseat the PF because the political situation had changed in the country as Zambians were eagerly looking for change.

Mr Mumbi said most people were frustrated that they did not get the change they wanted in the PF and were looking at the UPND as the best alternative after having tried tired the ruling party.

He said PF secretary general Davis Chama was misinforming his party leadership including President Edgar Lungu that the PF was still strong and more popular.

He said Mr Chama should be truthful and accept the reality that his party was not going to have an easy victory because the UPND was far ahead and destined to form government next year.

Mr Mumbi challenged the PF to officially call for campaigns if the ruling party was certain about its popularity and victory so that the country could go for the general elections.

“The PF should probably continue fantasizing its popularity but their shock is verily coming. Mr Chama cannot say the PF has no opposition because that would mean he is not comprehensive in understanding the political environment. There is a wind of change blowing in the country and with the current mass job losses on the Copperbelt and other parts of the country, the PF is certainly exiting because many Zambians are frustrated that they did not get the change they so much needed in the ruling party. The mass job losses are unprecedented and it had never happened until now,” Mr Mumbi said.

Mr Mumbi said Mr Chama would soon realize that the PF was not in a state where it would win an election and its leadership should therefore start preparing themselves for defeat.

He said the UPND was ready to form government and that if the elections were to be called today, the opposition political party would be swept into government with a landslide.

Mr Mumbi said there was need for the PF to apologise to Zambians and the miners in particular who had lost their jobs as a result of the collapse of the prices of copper and the energy deficit the country was facing.

Mr Mumbi appealed to the PF leadership to continue preaching peace and unity and condemn the violence that had continued being perpetrated among political party cadres.