Siliya assures Bauleni residents of electricity



ENERGY Minister Dora Siliya has described as a disaster the collapse of Zesco power lines in Lusaka’s Bauleni compound as a result of the heavy storm on Sunday.

The collapse, she said, also affected boreholes supplying water to the township

She however said Zesco was working around the clock to ensure that electricity was restored in the area as soon as possible to ensure the smooth running of life.

Ms. Siliya who toured the  township yesterday to inspect the extent of the damage thanked God for serving life, “Thank God we did not lose too many lives. This is serious and we need to do something now to ensure that this does not happen again.”

The Minister also visited the Clinic, the market and the main water supply tank and assured the people that electricity would be restored soon.

And Minister of Local Government and Housing Steven Kampyongo has directed all local government authorities to secure damp sites to prevent an outbreak of any diarrheal diseases during the rainy season. Speaking after the  touring , Mr. Kampyongo directed the Lusaka City Council and councils throughout the country to ensure that they stopped the indiscriminate disposal of rubbish.

“The way they are dropping the garbage in the drainage is shocking and unhealthy, they need to take health issues seriously. They need to stop indiscriminate disposal of waste to prevent from communicable diseases such as cholera,” said Mr. Kampyongo.

He said government was concerned with the huge dump side which was created in residential areas, saying the councils throughout the country have been directed to dispose them off.

Mr. Kampyongo also assured the people of Bauleni to be calm as water would be restored soon.

“The challenge we have is that most of the water we supply to Lusaka residents is from boreholes and these boreholes are supplied power from Zesco, so the time we had disruption of power on Sunday our pumps were affected. And what is happening now in the interim is that we have some water pumps being powered by generator sets.”

He said his ministry was working hand in hand with Zesco to ensure that electricity was restored in order to give the people Bauleni and other affected areas water.