Socialism is evil, says Kamba


RAINBOW Party’s socialism ideology is evil and not suited for Zambia, says Patriotic Front Lusaka Province youth chairman Kennedy Kamba.

In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr. Kamba said Zambia could not go back to a system where Government had total control of running business which was now in private hands.

He claimed that the agenda of the Rainbow Party and its leader Wynter Kabimba was to grab companies and start running them as government business.

“The definition of socialism is simple. It is defined as a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.

‘‘This is the way Mr. Kabimba wants the government to be run,” said Mr. Kamba.

Mr. Kamba said the whole process of allowing a socialist to run government would be giving power to a group of people who will in the end abuse the institutions of governance just like they abused them when they were given the responsibility to administer them on the behalf of the people of Zambia.

“Mr. Kabimba is not a strange person to us, we know him and we know the kind of a person he is. We know how overzealous he can be all the time when it comes to power. He was Minister of Justice and you saw how abusive he became,” said Mr. Kamba.

He said it was worrying that some students from institutions of higher learning such as the Copperbelt and University of Zambia where made to believe that socialism was the best way for Zambia under Mr. Kabimba.

Mr. Kamba urged students to seriously reflect on the choices they have made to start preaching socialism for Mr. Kabimba.

“Our students should reflect seriously on this choice and its consequence. We know that it is their democratic right, but now with Mr. Kabimba. This man is a dictator. We saw  it when he was in the PF as PF secretary general. We don’t need such a leader,” said Mr. Kamba.

Some students at the University of Zambia have started promoting the socialism ideology of the Rainbow Party, an ideology that empowers government to run business and not the private sector.