Constitution war not over-Fr Chiti


THE Grand Coalition will not give up until Government gives the people of Zambia a people-driven Constitution, says coalition chairperson Father Leonard Chiti.

Fr Chiti said the ruling Patriotic Front are a selfish party and were not in support of the new Constitution because they were not comfortable with some clauses included in it.

He was reacting to the passage in Parliament of the Constitution of Zambia and the Constitution (Amendment) Bills 2015 second reading which the Government managed to pull through the National Assembly with a comfortable majority despite a spirited counter-offensive by the opposition United Party for National Development.

In the first vote on the Constitution of Zambia Bill, 106 MPs voted in favour, 36 against and four abstained. On the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 109 MPs voted for the Bill to go for the second reading while 35, mainly from UPND, voted against and two abstained.

Fr Chiti said PF was scared of the 50 +1 clause because they knew they could not get such votes with the way people have been hit by the poor economy.

‘’PF should know that the Grand Coalition will not stop until we force the PF Government to give the people of Zambia a people-driven Constitution; they should know we are aware that the ruling party is not comfortable with some clauses of which the 50+1 is their biggest fear.

Fr Chiti said he would not disclose their next move but the PF should know that they have shifted their strategy to something that would be unveiled soon.

He said the MPs that voted in favour of   the two Bills acted selfishly and did not consider the need and desires of the Zambian people. He added that MPs voted to satisfy their personal gains and those of the PF without considering the national interest.

He said it was disappointing for the MMD to have joined forces with the ruling party and vote favour of the bill and that it was only the UPND that considered the Zambian people.

‘’ I will not disclose what the grand coalition will do next, but the PF and the Zambian people should know we are not letting the Zambian people suffer because of a selfish party, we have moved our strategy and it will yet be unveiled. It is very disappointing that the MMD also voted in favour of the bill when they know it was only for PF selfish gains’’ he said.

He said the PF will soon reach a dead end as they will lose next year’s election terribly. He added that the government should know that people have been affected badly by the economy and would not give the ruling party another chance.

He said the PF should not think they have any strongholds as citizens country wide had lost interest in them.

He said he had spoken to ordinary from Lusaka and Kitwe, who had expressed disappointment in the government vowing to vote for change.

‘’ The Pf and it’s government should know they are heading nowhere, I spoke to ordinary people on the Copperbelt and Lusaka and they assured me PF will not have their vote, people are hit badly by the bad economy and for this the ruling party should worry for themselves’’  he said.