Post shooting: IG ordered to submit report

INSPECTOR General of Police Stella Libongani has been directed to issue a comprehensive report on the shooting incident at the Post Newspaper.  

  President Edgar Lungu has ordered that it was important that the investigations into the shooting at the Post Newspaper was concluded so that Zambians know what could have transpired at the newspaper.

President Lungu said although he did not follow some of the newspapers in the country, he was interested to know the outcome of the investigations into the shooting at the Post, particularly that some of his political opponents insinuated that he was responsible.

Answering questions from journalists at a press conference at State House yesterday, President Lungu promised that he was going to ask Ms Libongani to find out how far the investigations had gone.

He said Ms Libongani should ensure that a comprehensive report of the shooting at the Post was given to him without fail.

“I do not follow some of these newspapers but I will get the Inspector General of Police to let me know how far they have gone with their investigations. The investigations must come to an end and, please Madam IG (Inspector General of Police), the message has come to you and let me have the report,” President Lungu said.

Recently Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga told the Daily Nation that investigations into the shooting at the Post had been concluded and that what was remaining was  compilation of the forensic report.

And President Lungu said Zambia had suffered some serious challenges of investor confidence because of the perceptions that investors could lose their property to the State.

President Lungu said Zambia’s economy was largely based on private, local and foreign investment and it was therefore important to avoid creating perceptions that the country was a risky country to do business with where private assets were not protected.

“The challenges we face are of national character and require all of us to unite behind all the measures I have taken that will restore prosperity to our country.

‘‘Price increases and job losses do not select on the basis of political party affiliation or tribal belonging, hence the need for us to unite and ensure that Zambia succeeds through these challenges,” President Lungu said.

Meanwhile, the contract for the construction of the new US$397 million Ndola International Airport which would be a complete greenfield project in Chichele forest has been signed by the Ministry of Works and Supply.

President Lungu has also stated that in the wake of reduced power generation, Government has had to import emergency power this year to sustain the country’s economic activity.

“Between September 2015 and the end of the year, Government will have spent over US$40 million for emergency electricity imports. Again this is not sustainable.

‘‘To reduce the pressure on the Treasury, I direct the Ministry of Energy and Water Development, the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) and Zesco to implement the new electricity tariff schedule and progressively move to full cost-effective tariffs.

‘‘They must ensure that back-to-back contracts are put in place between the providers of the emergency power to Zesco and the mining companies that consume the bulk of the power,” he said.