ZRP slams ‘outrageous Post lies’


FRED Mmembe should stop using his newspaper to persecute his perceived enemies, Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has said.

Mr. Musoma observed that the Post Newspaper and its proprietor Mmembe had continued to attack and wrongly accuse innocent people.

He said it was outrageous that a newspaper which was once independent and objective had turned out to be the worst tool used to persecute innocent people with lies.

“It’s so saddening the way the Post Newspaper has continued to attack innocent people including the Head of State Edgar Chagwa Lungu, this is unacceptable,” Mr Musoma said.

He said the newspaper had lost credibility because of its unprofessionalism and lies.

Mr. Musoma charged that the Zambian people had lost confidence in the newspaper, adding that people were now more aware that the newspaper was full of lies.

“The Post Newspaper has lost its credibility; they have become biased, hence making themselves unpopular. Zambians are not fools and will not continue to buy their lies,” he said

He urged Mr. Mmembe and his newspaper to return to professionalism and stop reporting lies about innocent people.

Mr. Musomo also urged Zambians to condemn any false and malicious reporting by the Post Newspaper.

“If they want to make a grade they should turn back to professionalism and stop lying; we would like to urge all meaningful Zambians to condemn lies that the Post newspaper has continued to report about,” he said.