Todays text messages

People believe in what they

see, not promises


I personally think the word ‘fear’ as attributed to Southern Province PF vice chairman is not here or there. So as politician of many years I strongly believe that it’s the UPND who should fear a loss next year because their campaign is and will be based on promises as opposed to PF who will be pointing at tangible things that they have done. So it all goes to whether people will believe in the promises or what they have seen. So Mr. Lloyd Buumba I can assure you that your party has a lot to do to convince people that you will do what PF has not done. Remember what you see is what you get not what you have not seen.

Micky, Lusaka.


HH should apologize

 over privatization


While we all know that the UPND leader was just employed to sell some companies by the MMD government, we should not pretend that as an economist he is the one who caused whatever difficulties miners are passing through today because one is not going to be instructed to kill and then tomorrow he says that I am not the one who killed. Why did he not turn down the offer when he knew its repercussion? Let him just apologize as he will not lose anything.

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka.


Arrest the thugs


Those involved in Inonge Wina’s attack have no love or respect to women and widows. Smart Zambians must show love and respect to women more especially the widows. Serving in high Government institutions, they contribute a lot to the nation. Tomorrow it will be on that poor woman or widow if they can do it to the Vice President. Arrest them before they increase in number.

Numelo Chulu, Lusaka.



Respect rights of suspects


I was saddened to watch the Lusaka Province police chief Madam Charity Katanga on ZNBC TV defending the police officers from Northgate police post who tortured a suspect who later died. She further warned the family of the deceased to be held responsible should the residents of the area who were protesting against police brutality damage the police post. Most police officers do not understand and respect the rights of suspects and thus she should instead be conducting seminars for her officers on fundamental and basic human rights.

Limpo Situmbeko, Ndola.


Lungu confident


Confidence is everything. From there, it is a small step to wining, says Craig Stadler. Edgar Lungu during the Press conference expressed this confidence. But the opposition’s winning confidence is borne of demon-inspired propaganda for they do not know why they are in politics.

EM, Lusaka.


UPND ready to redeem Zambia


This is time to reflect whether our country is headed in the right direction or whether time to say enough is enough, that we need change. If you look at the current situation at hand it seems change is the right direction for this country to move forward. UPND is more than ready to drive mother Zambia where it rightly belongs for Zambia to reach that recognition. We need to put our hands together and remember that UPND is the right party to change things for the better for our beloved country.

Mweemba Simuliampondo, Lusaka.