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Post shooting puzzle

Police must tell the nation if the bullet that hit the Post newspaper roof was fired directly at the building or if indeed the bullet, in a random flight, lost momentum and simply landed on the roof.

This explanation is critical, because it will make the difference between a bullet fired with intent or indeed a bullet that is flight and loses speed to land on a site in accord with its downward trajectory.

This difference will explain if the bullet was intended for the Post newspaper or if the roof was equally a random occurrence.

Public interest lies in  a definition that will either confirm or deny the impression that somebody  fired at the building to harm somebody.

If somebody fired at the building from the street or side, the bullet should have hit the wall, but we know that the bullet landed on the roof. How was this feat achieved?

The explanation by the Inspector General of the Police leaves a lot to speculation and does not help settle a controversy which must as a matter of necessity be settled.

Could the police ask the expert intervention of the army if they have failed to explain the situation?

Benson Matafwali, Kabwe


customer care



I write to express my profound disappointment with ZESCO through your paper over the lackadaisical manner they handled what I may term an eminent disaster on Ngwerere Road around Chris Mall on November 28 where the cables caught fire resulting in the fuses and the poles on the transformer to ignite, posing danger to the public.

My friend who lives in that area called me  to complain that his attempts to contact national call centre to report the incident  was in vain since the line was constantly engaged.

As a responsible citizen, I rushed to the scene to see for myself what was happening.  There were flames on the transformer and residents were making frantic efforts to report the fault to ZESCO so was I.

After about 20 minutes, I managed to speak to the ZESCO customer care agent who immediately escalated a complaint to a Mr Prince Banda who promised me that his team will get in touch with me when they come there in no time.

Five minutes later Mr Banda called me and asked me what kind of fire it was, I responded that there were flames from the transformer then he explained that it was not a transformer but just fuses that were burning.

True to his attitude towards my complaint, his team only arrived after three hours by then the poles supporting the transformer had started burning seriously.

The team had no immediate solution so they returned leaving things burning. For me I would not mind if there was no threat to human life, but it involved life.

Secondly, had the matter been attended to with the speed it deserved, little damage could have done to that electrical infrastructure.

While the appointing authority is making efforts to reduce on the cost of producing electricity, the workers at ZESCO are deliberately ignoring that and hence increasing the cost of electricity production on the other hand. I will not allow them to continue wasting taxpayer’s money.

The appointing authority is requested to help the power utility to change their attitude towards work. I hope that was the first and last case of poor customer service from ZESCO.

Enock Chulu


MMD and PF ought to rejoice

I found the story ‘MMD against UPND schemes’ (Daily Nation, November 28, 2015), interesting and thought-provoking.

While it’s a shame that the UPND members of Parliament as expected, did a complete somersault when the Constitutional Amendment Bill was presented in the august House, they have a lot to answer and explain to the people of Zambia because previously they even took part in the National Constitution Conference (NCC) set up by President Levy Mwanawasa (late)where they got huge sitting allowances but voted against the Constitutional Amendment Bill in 2011.

A lot of issues need to be put into perspective to understand the UPND’s consistent insincerity when it comes to constitution-making process.

Meanwhile, rest in peace UPND scheme, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Let’s join our MMD and PF brothers and sisters in shouting Hallelujah! Praise the Lord for a job well done.

MMD and PF’s honourable members of Parliament  have sentenced the UPND scheme aimed at killing the constitution-making process by shooting down progressive clauses for selfish political gains ahead of next year’s elections, to death.

The Satanic scheme has finally been buried, and pray that its ghost never awakens in subsequent constitutional amendment debates in Parliament. Its soul must rot in hell.

I must say that it amazes me that while the people of Zambia grope around in poverty, hunger and illiteracy the UPND MPs, who are in custody of the constitution-making mandate, squander the opportunities and continue to show off their political prowess by trying to kill the constitution-making process again.

My question is, if these UPND MPs continue with this pattern of behaviour, how long will it take for the people of Zambia to get a progressive Constitution that would stand the test of time?

Mubanga Luchembe,


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