Political violence appalls Jubilee


DESPERATE politicians must engage in mature and issue-based political discourse instead of enticing youths to be involved in political violence, says the Zambia Jubilee Coalition.

ZJC Muchinga Province coordinator Francis Kapyanga said he was appalled by the ‘‘emerging primitive trends and culture’’ by some well known politicians sponsoring and lining up innocent youths to engage in violence at the expense of providing checks and balances.

“We want to remind these desperate politicians that let them spare those innocent souls by engaging in mature and issue-based political discourse which the people yearn for in the contemporary political dispensation,” he said.

Mr Kapyanga said such type of political desperation belonged to the pre- colonial era and not in modern day democracy.

He advised the perpetrators of such ‘‘evil and unlawful’’ activities to know that President Edgar Lungu held the office of  President not as an individual, but as a representative of the more than 14 million Zambians including them.

“Whether they like it or not, we have a sitting President who deserves to respected by all well meaning Zambians and those who are engaging in politics of violence are time wasters because no one would want to support a violent party,” he said.

Mr Kapyanga said whether people voted for him or not, Zambians should embrace the culture of respecting the office of the Presidency, and not issuing statements that were only denting the image of the country.

Mr Kapyanga appealed to the police not to tolerate such ‘‘evil misconduct’’ aimed at bringing the country into disrepute, adding that the perpetrators of violence should be dealt with now before the general elections next year.

He said Zambians should condemn and reject politics of bitterness and desperation because Zambia was a peaceful country.

One thought on “Political violence appalls Jubilee

  1. Actually this is the right time to cage the tools that are being used to perpetrate violence.And this will sound a good warning more especially to the youths which are most affected.Indeed politics of the stone age era need to be condemned.coz people are being assorted some even dying,what kind of leader enjoys that?

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