Sinazongwe receives top dressing fertilizer


FARMERS in Sinazongwe have started depositing money for their inputs and some have already started collecting top dressing fertilizers, Sinazongwe district commissioner Protancial Mulenga has revealed.

Mr Mulenga said farmers who were in clubs and groups had already started receiving their inputs and he has urged farmers to form clubs if they were to be eligible to receive the inputs through the Government Farming Input Support Programme (FISP).

He said farmers who did not receive their inputs were only those who were not eligible, saying they should ensure they do the required process for them to access to the inputs.

“Farmers have started doing the deposits and they are now collecting their fertilizers but what we did not receive is seed, which we are still waiting for,” he said.

He said the process of inputs distribution to farmers was progressing well and that a number of farmers had so far received their share in the district.

Mr Mulenga said farmers had started their activities, saying that everything was progressing well in the district.

He said Sinazongwe was expected to have good harvest should the weather pattern remain favourable.

But farmers in Chief Mweemba’s area in Sinazongwe complained that the depot supervisors were taking long to release the inputs that were lying in sheds despite the Government having distributed the inputs on time.

“Farmers are usually delayed in the district because the inputs are distributed late, we have been appealing for the immediate release of the inputs which are still locked up in depots,” one farmer said.

The farmers explained that it was close to three months without having the inputs released when the Government had distributed the farming inputs on time.