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Well done President Lungu!

Through your highly rated newspaper I wish to congratulate President Lungu over his first National Press conference where he  made some remarkable announcements.

Let those who were born to be insulting continue doing  so while you also continue to deliver to the people of Zambia.

Once again well done President Lungu may God continue to guide you.

SM Lusaka

Shame on CBU graduates


It is really disappointing to hear Copperbelt University graduate engineers retrenched from the mines complaining. We expected them to understand the situation better and come up with mining cooperatives or companies and lobby for funds from the banks and Government and become employers. Shame on you engineers.

CP, Lusaka



Half-baked IG report


I.G. Stella Libongani has lamentably failed in her duties. Surely should it take her over two months to come up with an inclusive report over the alleged shooting at the Post Newspaper offices. Zambians are waiting for a report that will give us a better clue of what transpired on the material day and not that half-baked report of yours. Finally, when is the report concerning the barbaric incident of Nalolo going to be out?

Lastin Sikazwe, Ndola



HH and rigging


Hakainde Hichilema never stops to amaze me . How would he be talking of rigging the elections a year before the actual date of elections. He thinks by going around Copperbelt and boasting about his perceived wealth is winning an election. He has even forgotten they will be more competitors in the race. To mention just a few, MMD and FDD. These parties have a national character. Now HH is busy crying foul over an election which is one year to go. HH has an illness of always dreaming of dancing.

SL, Ndola 




Police findings


The police findings on the Post shooting is designed to maintain a reproach on the Head of State. Likely money has exchanged hands as the police is riddled with cartel members. But this  exercise in futility, like all efforts to malign the President by the Post, will only make Lungu win the elections with a landslide.

EM, Lusaka 




Zambians behind UPND?


In your paper dated 28/11/15 HH was quoted as saying the people of Zambia are behind the UPND. I laughed.

Simon, Kabwe 




HH’s head full of State House


UPND is only preoccupied with winning the election and not what the people are currently going through. How do you talk about elections when we have so much as a country on our hands? HH is talking about rigging elections because that is what he can only talk about. His head is only full of State House and he is selfish and self-centered.





Kwacha doing well


I think the measures that have been taken so far by Bank of Zambia are now bearing fruits. As can be seen in the exchange rate the Kwacha has started to gain. Let us work together to make sure our currency improves. We seem to be heading in the right direction and we hope that prices of goods will come down.

Jackson Tembo, Lusaka

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