Ignore detractors, Lungu told


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should not spend time listening to people who envy his position because they are detractors of development which Government is carrying out throughout the country,  senior Chief Mboloma of the Lala speaking people of Central Province has said.

He told President Lungu that there were many envious people who did not like what he was doing to improve the livelihood of the people and where looking forward to detract him.

“President Lungu please don’t listen to jealous people because they are detractors.  They want you to fail delivering the development the PF started when President Sata was still alive. You have continued with the programmes of the late President and these are detractors,” said Senior Chief Mboloma.

He also urged President Lungu to ensure that the Muswishi road was worked on.

Senior Chief Mboloma said there was need for Government to ensure that they worked on roads in order to open up the area to other districts and developmental processes.

He said there was also the need to give clean and safe water to the people in the new district.

President Lungu thanked all the seven traditional leaders in the district saying their vote made him Head of State.

“You people you voted for me even if I didn’t come to campaign here. I am so thankful your royal highness,” he said.

President Lungu said he would do everything in his power to ensure that development takes place in the newly created district.

“I am here on a fact-finding mission and I want to know what you people want here. People in Lusaka might want to bring to you hospitals when what you want is a road. So I want to hear what you think of the development of this area,” he said.

President Lungu also said that doctors and nurses were discouraged to work in remote areas because there were no proper roads.