Letters to the Editor

Rainbow Party lies exposed

SOMEBODY please tell the Rainbow Party that seeking low-priced publicity is really playing cheap politics and seeking self-destruction.

I am talking about a story which appeared in the Post of November 30 in which Rainbow Party Southern Province information and publicity secretary Paul Sensele claims that nurses at Livingstone’s Batoka hospital excrete in plastic containers. To start with, to state that there are no toilets on Batoka Hospital is a blatant lie which can only come from rudimentary minds bent on sullying the image of Government. Even in the most bizarre imagination, no normal personal can believe that nurses at Batoka can sink to that level of answering the call of nature in plastic containers even if matters came to the vilest. These are people who understand the essentials of hygiene even better to resort to what Mr Sensele is claiming are the truth on the ground.

If Mr Sensele truly exists, I don’t think then that he has been to Batoka Hospital to see the type of toilets which are there. But then it is easy to understand the desperation the Rainbow Party has found itself in so creating lies seems its easiest way out of playing politics.  But this will not do because Zambians are intelligent people who cannot be taken for a ride in a manner of Mr Sensele.

Halimonde Junza.


Kabimba had it coming in Chipata

THE attack on the Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba in Chipata where he was tossed out from a live Breeze Radio programme made interesting reading.

Interesting because some of us know that Mr Kabimba allowed violence by PF cadres when he was chief executive of the ruling party. Remember the days of Pangas? Is this not the case of that old adage “those who live by the sword…”?

So for me the Chipata event should not surprise him. He started planting violence when he was in PF so now he is exactly reaping the same..

Mr Kabimba should know from today that the bad things which we do, may be to others, have a knack of coming back to haunt us. If Mr Kabimba was an architect of peace and love right from the beginning I doubt if he would have been blown out of Breeze Radio in Chipata

I am not in support of what happened to him, but let this  be a lesson  to him that if he wants peace, let him in the first place promote peace.

Allow me to conclude by saying that  Mr Kabimba got  what he deserved.

Maliko Chulu.

Nothing wrong with State witnesses

There is nothing wrong with the Daily Nation asking State House to provide witnesses in the case where it has been sued by the Post newspaper for defamation.

The truth of the matter must come out and only those witnesses with first hand information will do so and these happen to be the people at State House.

The story on the  eviction of  former First Lady Christine Kaseba was intended to show how uncaring  President Edgar Lungu was.

I am however surprised at the porous nature of state house where letters on various subjects seem to find their way into the Post Newspaper.  This is not healthy and something has to be done to seal the loopholes if national security will be guaranteed.

Morton Kasonde




Shall we condemn violence?

POLITICAL violence always takes the centre stage whenever there is an election looming in Zambia.

While both President Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema have repeatedly condemned violence, the grass roots have ignored such calls with impunity.

The church and other NGOs remained mute as if nothing happened.

However, when the Vice President’s House was attacked in Nalolo by suspected UPND cadres, the church and other stake holders were quick to rise to the occasion and condemn this vice.

While I don’t support such kind of behaviour ,I strongly believed the PF cadres should have been condemned because they drove through Riverside residential areas at high speed in trucks loaded with stones and brandishing pangas while chanting anti -UPND slogans ignoring traffic rules and putting the lives of other road users at risk.

On the other hand the UPND cadres had no right to attack innocent lives in Nalolo.

All these actions happened under the eyes of the hopeless Police. It is time Government gave powers to the police to deal with such unruly youths.

Let the police revert back to the Police Force, and all this nonsense will come at an end.




Let’s conserve water in Kitwe

WHILE residents of Kitwe’s Wusakile township cry for water day in and day out it is another story in Kwacha Maploti compound where water runs almost daily.

But as Nkana Water and Sewerage Company  is spending huge sums of money to treat water, the levels of vandalism in this compound are alarming.

In the first place, the supply lines lie on the surface and have been vandalised to an extent of forming artificial  streams where the road is supposed to have existed.

The residents on the other hand have the “i dont care “attitude and almost all the taps are left running even when no one is using the water.

The septic tanks have been blocked and the splillage runs out at will parallel to vandalised supply lines and making it possible to contaminate the treated water.

With the onset of the rains disease outbreaks are inevitable. It is from this that I appeal to engineers at Nkana Water to visit the compound and burry the supply lines to avoid vandalism and come up with a pre-payment system as is the case with Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company.

This will teach the residents to use water wisely.

Concerned Kitwe resident