Mulongoti blasts Grand Coalition


THOSE demonising Government over the enactment of a people-driven Constitution are off-side because the draft was put up by Zambians and no single clause has been removed from the document, People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulongoti has charged.

Mr. Mulongoti told the Daily Nation yesterday that no matter what the Grand Coalition and other organisations that were opposed to the piece meal amendment of the Constitution did, Zambians would still have a Constitution which was reflective of what they aspired for.

He said there was no logic in attempting to halt the process which had already started and that some parliamentarians’ continued bitterness over the same issue would not change the fact that the Constitution would be delivered accordingly.

He said it was ‘‘lack of democratic seriousness and a gross misrepresentation’’ of the wishes of Zambians for some sections of society and opposition political parties to claim that they were safeguarding the interests of the people when the same people were content with what was happening to the document to which they had contributed so much.

He said it was absurd for those opposed to the Constitution’s enactment process to mislead the people that the Constitution would be tampered with when there have been no complaints from the people who made submissions that some of their submissions had been adulterated or trashed out by Government in the process.

“So, which people are they representing? How possible is that the people whom they claim to be representing are not complaining but it is them who are taking turns to condemn Government over the Constitution?

‘‘Come on, we need to be serious. This is not a Patriotic Front constitution; it is a national Constitution and so it ceases to be an emotional political issue.

“As far as we are concerned, we have made it clear from the onset that the piece meal amendment is the only way to go on non-contentious clauses with a minI-referendum on contentious clauses to be held alongside next year’s election.

‘‘I have never come across anybody who is complaining that some clauses have been removed because it is the same clauses which we are being considered. Nothing has changed,” Mr. Mulongoti said.

He called on those who were opposed to the process to put the interest of Zambians first and allow the process to take its course.

“We have tried before to enact a Constitution and we failed and the reason for our failure is that political parties approached the process with political interest and partisan inclination and this time we cannot afford to have this issue repeating itself,” he said.

One thought on “Mulongoti blasts Grand Coalition

  1. iyi yena eyamano and it’s the first time you said a sensible thing politically.The truth is that the “Grand Coalition” means that the biggest coal is demolished. Coal colided grandly with fire and is crushed.
    The biggest problem with the coalition is the wish of its members to beo pro-corruption. A certain church wants to dictate to the Government of what they want the Government to do… Shame… This is using the word of God as a stepping stone for their immoral practices…
    Let them form their own party that they will dictate to… First of mulongoti to be above board….

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