Mutati for president

THE MMD in Central Province says it will support former commerce minister and Lunte MP Felix Mutati for the party presidency at a convention that must be held soon and later field him as the candidate in next year’s elections.

Provincial vice chairman George Kangwa said it was  also the party’s wish that former finance minister and Liuwa MP Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane be Mr. Mutati’s running mate to give the party a formidable team which will secure victory in 2016.

“The MMD leadership in Central Province will support and vote for Hon Felix Mutati as president of the party at the forthcoming party convention and field him as a presidential candidate in the 2016 general elections.

‘‘It is also the wish of the party in the province to have Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane as a running mate for the 2016 general elections,” read  a press statement signed by Mr. Kangwa and made available to the Daily Nation in Kabwe.

He said with the support of Central, Eastern, Luapula and Northern provinces which have endorsed Mr. Mutati, it would be easy for him to secure victory.

Mr. Kangwa also said the party has declared a general amnesty to allow members who have gone to or joined other parties to come back and that suspensions imposed on some members have been lifted.

The victims of disciplinary case were free to rejoin MMD and continue in their former  positions and enjoy the full membership of the party. Mr. Kangwa however did not state how many members were facing disciplinary action and were free to come back.

The provincial party strongman also lambasted those opposed to the holding of the convention, arguing that it was only the convention which had powers to amend or revoke the party constitution in line with article 13 (e) and that not a single individual, including party president Dr. Mumba.

“We also advise other disgruntled elements who are discouraging members from attending the convention that it is only the convention which has powers to amend or revoke the constitution.

‘‘Article 13 (e) says the party convention has powers to amend or revoke the constitution by secret ballot of two thirds majority of delegates,” reads Mr Kangwa’s statement. MMD president Nevers Mumba could not be immediately reached for a comment.

2 thoughts on “Mutati for president

  1. Ba Kangwa are you not aware that Hon. Michael Kaingu is the vice president of MMD and Nevers Mumba is already on the ground campaigning for presidency of Zambia under the MMD ticket . What’s in your brains Kabwe MMD strong man please join the Nevers Mumba team that’s where you belong. forget about Mutati he lost to Nevers in 2012.what will make him win Nevers now

  2. Sponsored voices. Mutati is a coward. Where was he when Dr Mumba was fighting for the survival of the MMD? What has happened to his upnd dream? If he really loves the party let him humble himself and help rebuild what he destroyed. The grassroots are all agreed on supporting Nevers Mumba for 2016.

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