‘Politicians must work together’


POLITICIANS should desist from hate speech and inciting Zambians against each other, Movement for Economical Foundation (MEF) general secretary Reagan Mubatsa has said.

Mr. Mubatsa said the competition between political parties should not make them forget the common objective of justice, peace, prosperity, harmony, good governance and ‘‘building a nation that could be admired by other countries’’.

“There should, therefore, not be room for negative campaigns. Insults and caricatures should give way to rational discussion of issues that will serve all of us,” he said.

He urged politicians to desist from politics of hate speech and inciting Zambians against each other, but to instead concentrate more on building relationships and trust among parties.

Mr. Mubatsa noted that what was needed most now that the country was going through challenges was unity and patriotism among political parties.

“We don’t want to hear insults among political parties, all need are solutions to the challenges that we are going through as a country, and these solutions can only be found if politicians respected each other and hold hands,” he said.

Mr. Mubatsa said politics of hate and character assassination would not help develop the country, but rather destroy it.

“We would like to see the spirit of friendship and patriotism among the political parties so that Zambians would be reassured that there was no hidden agenda,” he said.