Todays text messages

High South voters figure



The recent announcement by ECZ that Southern Province registered the most voters should puzzle many. One wonders is Southern Province population bigger than Copperbelt or Lusaka? In 20th January 2015 elections, President Lungu was controlling 7 provinces while HH controlled only 3 and yet the results were neck to neck. The reason was voter apathy in strongholds of the PF. This scenario should be avoided in 2016. The PF leadership should not be complacent and be docile; let them sensitize the people like the UPND are doing. If we did not have voter apathy in the PF strongholds it could have been a whitewash.

DC, Lusaka.



Kabimba Chipata attack stage-managed  


The story of suspected PF cadres disrupting the Rainbow party leader Wynter Kabimba looks stage managed to me. Like the shooting incident at the Post is also is not genuine. Those people must have been hired by the same Kabimba with M’membe’s camera just there to take the picture.

RC, Kitwe





Suspected Police torture victim at North Gate post dies


I would like to ask the Human Rights Commission to investigate the torturing of a suspect by police officers in their custody at North gate police post who later died and inform the nation what transpired and bring the culprits to book.

Limpo Situmbeko, Ndola




HH should apologize for job losses


Allow me space in your people’s paper to advise the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to just prepare himself more helicopters for 2016 general elections instead  of starting crying that elections will be rigged even before the election date is announced. HH should not think that we have forgotten that the sufferings people like miners are passing through today are due to companies he sold. Some of the victims of this programme did not get their benefits yet HH was paid for the job. He just needs to accept and apologize openly. It is said that be wise to others on your way up as you will need them on your way down.

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka




Poor Fred M’membe!


Fred M’membe always engages the Lungu administration in verbal slugging matches. Out of malice the Post expresses mean, vengeful spirits from a wounded heart. M’membe is stonewalling his issues. He has to be man enough and accept responsibility.

Enock Mukosha, Kitwe.



Probe Kabimba over

Trafigura oil scandal


Kabimba must be investigated over the Trafigura scandal because at that time ACC could not investigate him because he was the most powerful man in this nation. The man stormed investigators offices without a trace of shame and superimposed himself for mock probing. If ACC is dragging its feet (for obvious reasons), private investigators should come in. If found wanting, prosecutors must expedite to send Kabimba to jail.




Yes, chiefs are irrelevant


I strongly concur with CP of Lusaka in your Sunday 29th edition of the Daily Nation, and state that chiefs are indeed irrelevant in this modern era. They are a hindrance to development and just promoting tribalism, like Chief Mukuni’s comments in Sunday’s edition of the Post Rainbow Party paper. He should know that civil servants, which include police, must be royal to the Government of the day.

GS, Mazabuka