Bus driver sues PF’s Davis Chama

CHAIRMAN of Lusaka’s Bus Drivers Committee Joseph Mumba has sued Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davis Chama and chairman of the PF City Market office Isaac Mulwanda and he is asking the Lusaka High Court to grant him an injunction restraining the respondents from stopping him from operating at City Market Station.

Mr Mumba, who has sued Mr Chama in his capacity as PF secretary general and Mr Mulwanda as chairman, prays that the duo should be restrained from stopping him from operating at the station as bus driver and chairman of both the drivers’ main committee and Kanono Transmitter Station until the determination of the case.

In his affidavit, Mr Mumba says that in 2013 he and other drivers applied for permission from Lusaka City Council to open and operate a sub-station at the Lusaka City Market bus station which was approved and all the applicants where allocated a place to operate from.  Members of the Kanono Transmitter Station then set up a committee to supervise the operations of the station and Mr Mumba was elected committee chairman.

He was also elected vice chairman of the City Market bus drivers’ main committee and later as chairman by City Market committee members. Mr Mumba said however early this year Mr Mulwanda as chairman  PF office removed the Mtendere committee chairman and appointed a new chairman to overlook the running of the committee without holding elections or authority from the main committee or Lusaka City Council officials. He said as chairman of the bus drivers’ main committee he objected to the appointment of a new chairman as it was illegal because no elections were held.

Mr Mumba said Mr Mulwanda was not pleased and instigated his demotion to vice-chairman of the committee and on September 30 through a letter he was expelled from operating at the station and he was accused of being a UPND sympathizer. He said his efforts to try and resolve the issue with Mr Mulwanda through the Lusaka City Market committee proved futile as he was banned from entering the station and fined K5,000 which he paid but the ban was not lifted.

Mr Mumba said by reason of the unlawful and illegal expulsion and restraint by Mr Mulwanda he has suffered damages, loss and inconvenience and prays for an order that he returns to operate at the station as chairman of both the drivers’ main committee and Kanono Transmitter Station.

He is also praying for an order for damages for loss of earnings, undue inconvenience and harassment as a result of illegal and unjustified actions from the PF chairman.