Lungu canes exploitative business community

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says the business community is insincere in the manner they are conducting their business and if they don’t respond to the appreciation of the Kwacha, he will have no option but introduce price controls.

Expressing his displeasure yesterday when he met five traditional leaders in Serenje, President Lungu said he was unhappy that after the appreciation of the Kwacha, the business community has not responded.

“I will have no option apart from introducing some measures and that is to introduce price control in order for them not to abuse our people.  But it is not the right way to go. I am yet to meet them and see how we can do things,” said President Lungu after Chief Chisomo expressed concern over the high commodity prices.

President Lungu said Government was experiencing a big problem with the business community who were not being genuine.

“Bunkalwe ubu balechita bashimakwebo over the dollar. The time the dollar was at K15 we saw them increase their prices saying it was because of the dollar. But look the kwacha has picked up and the question we are asking them is to exercise their conscience and do the right thing. But if they don’t, we shall introduce price controls,” the Head of State said.

And Chief Chisomo told President Lungu that his chiefdom had no reason not to support him.

The traditional leader said although the laws of the land stopped chiefs from participating in partisan politics, they (chiefs) were compelled to support his Government because of the current developments going on throughout the country.

“As my colleagues have already said, Mr. President, you kept your word and you have always kept word for the people of Zambia and Serenje in particular,” he said.

President Lungu met Chief Chibale, Chief Chisomo, Chief Kabamba, Chief Mailo and Chieftainess Serenje.

Earlier in the morning President Lungu told Chiefs Muchinka and Chitambo that he was happy to have been elected President and his interest was to help the people of Zambia out of poverty and underdevelopment.

And during a rally at Mukando Basic School, President Lungu directed the Food Reserve Agency chief executive officer Chola Kafwabulula to get back to Chitambo and see whether FRA had paid farmers.

He also said the Rural Electrification Authority should ensure that they provide electricity to Chitambo and other neighbouring districts.

President Lungu also informed the people of Serenje and Chitambo that agriculture was the backbone of the country’s economy.

He said it was time the people of Zambia stopped thinking copper because mining business had become unreliable and unstable at the international market

And President Lungu also said God would not allow Zambia to break into chaos by people who wanted to be President of this country at all cost.

Addressing a rally at Kenneth Kaunda Square yesterday, President Lungu said a wise leader would want the best for his people unlike those who were celebrating the problems the nation was facing.

He said it was unreasonable for any leader to take advantage of the current economic hardships the nation was experiencing.