Poor old Guy Scott

The picture of Dr Guy Scott made my day.

I laughed my lungs out to see an old white man struggling with a brazier which he must have borrowed from one of his workers to make us laugh.

Oh he also did look silly without shoes.

What was the story about? Was it a complaint against the appreciating Dollar and the fact that more whisky will not be available?

Secondly I think Scott must be having problems with his mind for him to state that President Lungu is making whisky cheap by subsidizing the dollar.

I once took ba Scott seriously but now I am having a change of mind because of the manner he has demeaned President Lungu’s press conference which rightful thinking Zambians have heartily welcomed.

I have also discovered that it is so easy to get to the front page 0f the Post. All you do is dream about some craze ideas and the newspaper will be all over licking you.

Of course intelligent Zambians have already read Scott’s mind. Irritating!

Jay Kabemba


2 thoughts on “Poor old Guy Scott

  1. Ba Jay Kabemba I feel for you . You’ve failed to swallow the bitter feeling that the man Edgar Lungu you had put so much faith in to deliver as president of the Republic of Zambia to the expectations of many zambians has lamentably failed. Ask the BoZ the kwacha exchange rate to major international currencies is still very volatile. Do you know why it’s because the country is not producing the manufacturing industries are at 30% capacities due to load shedding hence exports to generate foreign currency are quite low. Some times ba Jay you wonder what makes the Kwacha appreciate in the midst of all these challenges it has nothing to do with Edgar Lungu government international pronouncements to make the Kwacha appreciate all this happens when the Kwacha demand is high, like in the recent past the Kwacha demand was because the mining houses needed the Kwacha to pay off the retrenched miners. Please stop crossing your fingers hoping Edgar Lungu will turn the economy around to prosperity he won’t do it because he has no idea no vision how go about it

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