Illegal PAZA rantings over Kabimba saga shocks many

Dear Editor,

THE ranting from PAZA over the alleged attack on Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba in Chipata last Sunday are not much of a surprize because it is a well known fact that the current PAZA leadership gets support from Kabimba through the Post which has been funding the organization for years now.

That aside, one would have thought that PAZA’s initial reaction was to call for a thorough investigation because there are now doubts that such a thing ever took place.

There are too many loose ends to Mr Kabimba’s story which I think the police should seriously follow to establish what really took place at Breeze Radio station.

It was funny that vehicles of Mr Kabimba’s entourage were not parked outside the station to signify his presence.

I am more than sure that police would also have been at the station to reinforce Mr Kabimba’s security, but in that picture we saw none.

We also did not see Mr Kabimba’s security team which always accompanies him, was that not rather strange?

So the illegal PAZA president Andrew Sakala should take it easy his time to answer why he has been in office illegally for decades is coming soon.

What will PAZA say if indeed it turns out that Mr Kabimba was after all not attacked?

And while at it, can the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) probe the illegal management of PAZA which has not held any AGM for years to elect office bearers or submitted returns to the office of Registrar of Societies as the law demanded.


Concerned Lusaka scribe