UPND’s consistent insincerity

Dear Editor,

I write in response to the PF elections chairperson Jean Kapata who demanded for the arrest and prosecution of UPND MPs who actively participated in the National Constitution Conference (NCC) and enjoyed its huge allowances but shot down the Bill when it went to Parliament, leading to the collapse of the constitution-making process in 2011 (Daily Nation, December  1, 2015).

It’s unfortunate that the UPND leadership chooses to find scapegoats and blame the MMD and PF for the current constitution-making predicament.

How many other African nations have enacted new constitutions in the recent past or years? So how come other African nations have successfully managed to promulgate their new constitutions?

Would you blame your mother for your poverty at age 51?

What has gone wrong in Zambia? What did the people of Kenya or South Africa do that Zambians have failed or refused to do?

The often-touted idea of holding a standalone referendum prior to the enactment of the new Constitution would continue to be a pipedream unless UPND MPs deliberately decide to free themselves from the burden of consistent insincerity when it comes to constitution-making process.

They can complain and apportion blame but they can’t change the NCC history; however their destiny is in the voters’ hands.

Notwithstanding, the PF elections chairperson’s demand for the arrest and prosecution of the erring UPND MPs, there is never going to be another chance to correct all the wrongs done by them in the constitution-making process  except  that, the voters should pick up the pieces and vote them out of Parliament in 2016.


Mubanga Luchembe,