We won’t budge on Constitution, says Kakoma

THE UPND will not vote in support of the two constitutional Bills in both committee and third reading stage because the party does not support the changes the Patriotic Front wants to make for their selfish reasons, says UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma.

He said it was clear from what was said by PF chief spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili in Parliament that the PF was not comfortable with some contents of the Draft Constitution especially the clause on proportional representation and the one on provincial assembly.

Mr Kakoma said the PF had no right to change the Constitution against the wishes of the people and it was for that reason the op



position party will not  support the adoption of the Draft Constitution.

‘’Hon Kambwili’s comment in the House to say PF does not support some contents of the Constitution such as the clause on proportional representation and that they are also against provincial assembly is enough reason for us to be worried that the Constitution will be for the PF and their selfish gain and not for the benefit of the people,’’ he said.

Mr Kakoma was responding to Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) president Andrew Ntewewe who urged the UPND MP’s to rally behind the PF in voting for the adoption of the constitutional Bill.

Mr Ntewewe said the UPND should not treat the Constitution on partisan level but put the people of Zambia in consideration.

He said the UPND should realise that a lot of money had already been spent on the review of the Draft Constitution and that the Government had no money to continue forming other constitutions.

But Mr Kakoma said Zambians should note that his party was not against the Bill just to oppose the Government but because the PF had no right to change a Constitution that the people of Zambia had worked so hard to create.

He said the Constitution was long awaited for and it was for that reason  the Government should not alter anything but present it in its original form.

‘’If  Ntewewe wants to go ahead and support the PF in this corrupt venture he should go ahead; we will not stop anyone, but  we will not vote just because everyone else is voting for the Bill, we will maintain our position to vote against it for the benefit of the people,’’ he said.