Defence ministry rubbishes recruitment lists

THE Ministry of Defence has refuted reports from some sections of the media that it has already recruited and shortlisted some candidates who applied to be recruited as officers in the defence force.

Deputy Minister Christopher Mulenga has appealed to members of the public to disregard the reports as they lacked merit and truth and to treat the list that was published by some online media institutions as fake.

Mr. Mulenga said the Ministry of Defence was still in the process of scrutinizing and shortlisting the successful candidates to be trained as military personnel.

He said the process had taken long because of the overwhelming number of prospective trainees who had applied for training following the advertisement two months ago.

“As a result of this huge response, the services required more time to scrutinize and analyse the applications in order to ensure that the best qualified applicants are selected.

‘‘In view of this overwhelming response, the public is hereby informed that the services have not yet concluded the process of shortlisting.

“The names of those who will be shortlisted will be published in the daily papers and invited for aptitude tests, medical and physical fitness. With the foregoing, the public should therefore ignore any information which has not been issued by the Ministry of Defence,” Mr. Mulenga said.

He said the lists that filtered through the online media were not correct and were ‘‘utter hearsay’’ which people should ignore because they were not a reflection of what was obtaining with regard to the recruitment process.

“These are fabricated lists which are being spread by the enemies of security in this nation and so the public should not depend on hearsay because only the ministry is mandated to provide such information.

“So, those lists are fake and should be disregarded. There are certain names on that list which appear almost 50 times with the exact names and National Registration Cards (NRCs), which is not possible,” he said.

He said that the Government was aware that people were eagerly waiting for the names to be published ‘‘but we have to make sure that the process is done accordingly to ensure that all security measures are followed’’.

“We understand that people out there are looking for jobs put it is not possible that we can recruit all of them and so some will have to be left out,” he said.