Go Well, LBC

His laughter on radio was infectious. His skills on the decks were addictive. His passion for music was vivid and his network in the entertainment industry was extremely huge.

Although he was put to rest yesterday in Lusaka after a special send-off ceremony, Nawa Kabika popularly known as DJ LBC’s life shall continue to be celebrated by many.

His sudden death on Monday morning in Lusaka has left a number of people shocked and in deep grief. His peers and friends in the industry have all expressed sorrow and have indicated to continue celebrating his life and contributions.

Born on 7th July in 1981, LBC( last born child) was Radio and International Club DJ that worked for a number of radio stations including outside Zambia.

His career locally was highly emphasised during the time he was host of Lusaka’s QFM Power Breakfast Show,every weekday with 1 million listeners nationwide. His creativity and versatile presentation skills earned him a huge following.

But before that, Kabika, who also later identified himself as music producer and promoter, worked for Radio Phoenix on the weekend graveyard shift. He later joined QFM on the late night show but was quickly moved to the breakfast show where his popularity spread like bush fire to even win him awards.

In March 2004, he won an award for the best show. The prize included a media tour trip to London where he spent a month familiarizing himself with The BBC, Choice FM, Kiss 100, and Capital FM among others.

Academically, LBC had the drive for media studies as he started with courses in video production and public relations after completing secondary school. In the midst of his love for radio, he found time to study and he specifically took a break from the airwaves for a Graduate Diploma in Marketing (CIM) at the London School of Marketing.

DJ LBC will be remembered for playing major roles in shaping the entertainment industry in Zambia by bringing a different touch to the music. Others loosely referred to him as the Zambian version of DJ Khaled because of his creative beats and mixes alongside his peer, Sebastian Dutch.

He is also going to be remembered for hosting internationally recognised gigs such as “The Sprite DJ Mixing competition” which featured international artists including Gidi Gigi Maji Maji and Skwata camp, an event he hosted for 3 consecutive years. In 2005, He also hosted the Fanta Mega Music Party which headlined South Africa’s Mafikizolo, Pitch Black afro, and Mzekezeke.

Radio stations QFM, Phoenix, Hot FM and indeed Rock FM will all have fond memories of this fallen hero who gave his best to serve them and the nation. He is gone, but definitely not forgotten.