Nkombo tribalist, says PF

UPND Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo  has come under fierce attack for telling Parliament that people of Southern Province were determined to remove the Patriotic Front (PF) from power next year.

PF Lusaka district chairman Stafford Kayame said the remarks were not only reckless but  also tribal much to the detriment of the nation. In a statement made available to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr. Kayame charged that Mr. Nkombo’s statement was a confirmation of what the UPND stood for – a tribal party whose strength was only in Southern Province.

He said the events that took place soon after the death of UPND’s founding president Anderson Mazoka and the sentiments that have continued to come from the party left a lot to be desired because they pointed to tribal politics which had no room in Zambia.

“What the honourable MP said just confirms tribal events that took place in the past such as what transpired when founding president Anderson Mazoka died and the party resolved that only a Tonga can lead the party.

‘‘This led to Patrick Chisanga and Sakwiba Sikota to leave the party.

“In the last presidential by-election, there were a number of polling stations in the province where PF got zero and this is because some leaders like Mr. Nkombo campaigned on tribal lines,” Mr. Kayame said.

He called on Zambians not to vote for parliamentarians who had divisive tendencies of projecting tribe at the expense of national interest as that would lead to anarchy in the country as national unity would be compromised.

“As PF in Lusaka district, our call to fellow countrymen and women is that they should not vote for MPs and political parties that are tribal because this will bring anarchy in Zambia.

‘‘Zambia is a Christian nation and as Christians, we know no race, creed or tribe; we are simply brothers and sisters in Christ.

“This is why as PF we urge Zambians not to vote for tribal parties like the UPND and tribal leaders like Mr. Nkombo,” he said.

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