Cancer of tribal hatred frightening

HERE in Southern Province there is a cancer of tribal hatred, especially against Bembas, which is spreading at a fast rate and if  left unchecked, it may lead to catastrophic consequences of ethnic conflict.

Unfortunately even some politicians seem to be encouraging this hatred.

Each time there are general elections, threats like “if HH wins all Bembas will be chased back to where they came from”, become very common, especially in Mazabuka.

“You will carry the houses you are building on your heads,” some would say.

Nowadays one cannot speak Bemba freely for fear of being castigated. So if you don’t know Tonga, you better speak Nyanja because it seems to be more accepted than Bemba.

Surely what wrong have Bembas done to the Tongas to deserve such threats?

Is this not a recipe for ethnic conflict in the country? I feel pity for those innocent and hardworking Tongas who have settled outside Southern Province because they will equally not be spared by the conflict. Please fellow Zambians, let us learn to think outside the box. Zambia is the only country we have and we need to seriously safeguard the peace we have enjoyed since independence.

Francis, Mazabuka.

One thought on “Cancer of tribal hatred frightening

  1. There is need for the UPND to address this issue before they think of forming government or else things won’t favor them.any way our colleagues should change their behavior ,that is when Zambians can support them & not only one sector of the country. And if they continue ,we are going to imitate what they are doing then it’ll be themselves to blame. Coz they can behave like this now,how about if they are given mandate to rule ?. Violent people should not rule Zambia. Abash violence!

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