Masebo’s ‘house’ raided

A combined team of State security wings in the early hours of yesterday raided the family home of Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo, occupied by her nephew and his wife.

Ms Masebo, who does not live at the house, was alerted by her nephew around 03:30 hours that there were people who had surrounded the house and the family initially thought they had been attacked by armed robbers.

Ms Masebo said the family only realized later that they had been surrounded by State security agents and she described the move as political persecution which should not involve her family.

“It is a family property which is occupied by my nephew who is looking after the house. We initially thought it was the work of criminals but then we found out that it was actually a combined team of State security agents who raided the house around 03:30 hours this morning,” she said.

She said she did not know what the team was looking for and expressed displeasure that members of her family were being harassed without reason.

“I sent someone to report to the police physically and when this person got to the police station, one of the police officers responded through their telecommunication system that those were not armed robbers but a State security team who were conducting a search on the property,” she said.

Ms Masebo alleged that the team forced their way through the house by breaking the grill doors, conducted a search – leaving property damaged – before they drove off.

She wondered what the security officers were looking for, adding that she has nothing to hide.

“There is nothing they are going to get from me. I look after the small young family living on that property and now they should be harassed because I look after them? It is not fair,” she said

2 thoughts on “Masebo’s ‘house’ raided

  1. The property that was raided is owned by Sylvia’s young sister ET Luambia Sunkutu, the property was built by ET’s late husband and former Lusaka District Chairman during the Chiluba’s MMD administration ( the godfather to former Lusaka DC Ashwell Kampengele.
    It would do wait for the police to furnish the public with the reasons behind the move. Moreover some of Sylvia’s relatives mention have criminal records of car theft and served time.

  2. I may not understand the circumstances leading to such action but one needs not be a lawyer to know that in a civilised world,a search warrant has to be produced before searching.The time was also awkward.I would advise the effected family to take the matter to court.A just system would protect the innocent.

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