Nkombo careless Politician

Nkombo seems to be a very backward and very careless politician who does not care about what happens to his party next year.

The statement he made in Parliament that Southern Province is resolved to vote out the PF Government is a clear challenge to other provinces that Southern  Province is the only province that can make HH win next year’s elections which to  me is a  meaningless  undertaking  which they will soon regret.

Nkombo if your stament came out of frustration then as we say on the Copperbelt, “waloba iyauma”.  HH needs all the provinces to vote for him so that he can have a national  character. Always remember this.

Micky, Lusaka.

2 thoughts on “Nkombo careless Politician

  1. For us that has known Gray for a long time do bear with the young fellow. He has always been a parrot parakeeting tribal sentiments from the time MMD adopted him to stand after the demise of The Great Man Late Bennie Mwiinga MHSRIP.
    Don’t take him seriously, he’s a conditioned librarian afterall.

  2. Nkombo is a dreamer and is going no where in politics what has he done in mazabuka the tongas vote for coz is tonga not due to performance what a shame

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