Ludicrous political Statements

Zambian politicians seem to be beside themselves jostling and competing to make the most illogical and ludicrous statements, to gain dubious points.

Mike Mulongoti who used to be one of the most promising politicians is quoted as saying that animals in Zambia are leading better lives than Zambians.

This must be one of the most asinine statements he has ever made in his life.

A person like former Minister of Finance Situmbeko Musokotwane is not known for intemperate and unguarded, language having been ever logical, systematic and analytical and yet he is now in the league of those politicians spewing angst and incoherent diatribe.

Then a seemingly intelligent and well regarded politician as Charles Mulipu says tariff hikes will not solve load shedding. This is prosaic, banal and uncharacteristic of an educated person that he is. Even a grade seven child knows something about lead time.

Then you have seeming sane and lucid politicians who suggest that a change of regime will result in elimination of load shedding, appreciation of the Kwacha and an increase in the price of copper.

These statements are not only irresponsible but at best a betrayal, a betrayal of everything that decency, propriety and above all what liberal democracy demands and stands for.

It is not the vulgarity or uncouthness of language used, but the logic behind a statement that matters.

It is common knowledge, for example, that investors have been avoiding the power generation sector because of the very low tariffs in Zambia. The International Monetary Fund has said as much. Therefore an increase in tariffs is not meant to produce power as if by magic, but rather it is intended to provide a basis for investors to make a determination while indeed enabling Zesco pay for the current expensive imports of electricity and finance investment in new generation capacity.

It is also astounding for Mr. Milupi to suggest that Kariba which was meant to store water for five dry seasons is now running out of water.

Indeed the design capacity for the 50’s may have been five years but the growth of industry especially the mining sector has outstripped that capacity hence the need for new investment in the sector.

These are very simple and logical issues that do not pose any challenge to  intellectual capacity and is therefore, an affront when uttered by seemingly knowledgeable people whose only desire is the hope of making cheap political points.

 Mr. Mulongoti allusion to wildlife in a political context is so outlandish and illogical that Jameson could be the generous excuse.

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3 Responses to “Ludicrous political Statements”

  1. Richard says:

    I’m afraid,people that have been to school cannot understand the effects of climate change. In some parts of south Africa they don’t have water to drink.Talk about Malawi it’s the same story but here in Zambia drinking water is not a problem.Tanzania they have Indian ocean and yet they are experiencing Harvey load shading.climate change is real and it’s not fair to politicize it. Karina dam is just within Zambia and people are free to get there and see what is being talked about.

  2. There is no substance in this article. Whoever the author is, must be a stooge of ruling regime. I agree animals could be living better than Zambians. The same is for ZESCO tariffs, How many years has ZRSCO been crying too to increase tariff and, at the guise of improving power generation? Kaunda planned ahead and several commissioning here and there yet we still have insufficient power> all the money goes into the pockets of those politicians and zesco top brass.
    Its obvious you are a stooge of this government and want to despite noble Zambians who speak the truth, I will not be surprised if this comment will not be published. Come 2016, you are ssinking together with the boat

  3. monica mwanza says:



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