‘Sihubwa’s disowning selfish’

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ)’s decision to disown Father Robert Sihubwa after he accepted to be part of the advisory board of the National House of Prayer is out of selfish interest, says Father Frank Bwalya.

HE said the decision had not come as a surprise as the PF was aware of one selfish individual within the CCZ who would have wished to be part of the board.

Fr Bwalya who is PF central committee chairperson for media said it was sad that some individual s in the church would want to act holier than others.

“We know one selfish individual within CCZ who wanted to be included on the board but was left out, so the news has not come as a surprise to us. That person has been quoted in many workshops and meetings trying to criticize President Lungu and his administration,’’ he said.

Fr Bwalya was reacting to the Anglican Church’s decision to disown Fr Sihubwa who accepted to be part of the board of the National House of prayer shortly after being appointed by President Edgar Lungu.

He said the member of CCZ who was behind the development had gone to bed with a named political party and has hence decided to frustrate Fr Sihubwa.

“Those who hate President Lungu including the UPND should not force other people to despise him and abandon his effort towards development,’’ he said.

Fr Bwalya encouraged the disowned priest Sihubwa not to allow himself to be used as an instrument of bitterness and hatred but accept his appointment which was a calling from God.

He said the National House of Prayer will be a public asset which every Zambian from any Christian denomination would be free to use.

“Zambia is a Christian nation, people should see beyond politics, the National House of Prayer will be a place for interdenominational programmes that will exist long after President Lungu’s presidential reign, I would like to encourage Fr Sihubwa not to accept to be used as an instrument of hatred and bitterness,’’ he said.

The Anglican Church disowned Fr Sihubwa saying their church would not be part of the House of prayer as they did not understand the motive behind its establishment