Chigunta, please let the police do their work

I don’t see why some people are losing sleep over that police raid on Sylvia Masebo’s property.

It is not the first time police have done so in their course of duty.

If need arises the police will   raid  even the home of Professor Francis Chigunta or  any other person for that matter  if they suspect a wrong doing.

So ba Chigunta politicizing the raid is not only cheap but  it shows how you personally hate the government of President Lungu and we know why.

But like I have said before, those in opposition can insult at every turn of the hour but in the end they will reap nothing.

Just wait for next year. President Lungu will have the loudest laugh because he only dears God.

Please go on putting your names on the front page of the Post but I can assure that God is counting the tears of the innocent people you are brutally hurting without a sense of shame.

M. Tembo


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