FRA pays out K1.4m to Mumbwa farmers

FARMERS in Mumbwa district have received their money for the maize supplied to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) valued at K1,405,575, district commissioner Charles Hampende has said.

Mr Hampende said K906, 450 had reflected in the NATSAVE bank while in K499, 125 had reflected in the Barclays Bank which meant that all Mumbwa district farmers would be paid by the end of this week.

“All  the money to pay farmers that remained has reflected in the two banks, which means that all farmers will be cleared this week,” he said

The district commissioner also said farmers had started redeeming their e-voucher card to get their 2015/2016 farming inputs.

“What is happening in the farming input is that we are on the e-voucher programme so farmers are receiving e-voucher cards and go to any shop that deals with e-voucher card to redeem them,

Mr Hampende said Mumbwa district was one of the 13 districts in Zambia that was being piloted under the new e-voucher programme.

“We have a lot of inputs in different shops that any farmer can access. By the way, redeeming means they are using their cards to collect inputs,” he said.

He said farmers in Mumbwa were fortunate to be part of the e-voucher system because they were not restricted to redeeming only fertiliser and seed.

“The idea of the e-voucher is that it is not restricting people in getting fertilisers and seed alone, they get anything that is to do with farming,

“Others can even get chicken mash, deeping chemicals and anything of their choice; here in Mumbwa we are one of the 13 districts in Zambia that are piloting the e-voucher programme,” he said.