Negating the spirit of Pope Francis

The utterances of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy in Zambia are a direct contradiction of the humble and all-embracing revolutionary spirit of Pope Francis.

While the Pope is embracing other faiths calling Muslims brothers, the Catholic Church is distancing itself from a worthy cause of a national prayer house.

Surely the Catholic Church as one of the largest denominations in Zambia has a duty and obligation to contribute towards this project which is intended to promote the message of Jesus Christ- to whom all Christina churches owe “allegiance”

Zambia will not be the only country with an interdenominational house of worship. Many countries including the United States of America, the most advanced democracy has interdenominational houses of Prayer, one in Washington the capital city.

It is a very sad commentary that only Pentecostal worshippers seem keen on the house of worship when this should have been a project for all churches to promote gospel values.

 Kelvin Mweenda