Nevers will uphold constitution – Nakacinda

NEVERS Mumba remains a legitimate president of the MMD and he has no intention of abrogating the former ruling party’s constitution because the opposition political party strongly believes in democracy and the rule of law, Raphael Nakacinda has said.

Mr Nakacinda who is MMD spokesperson has accused the Daily Nation of having awarded some of its estranged members positions who were in turn issuing statements with distortions against Dr Mumba in an attempt to fan confusion in the former ruling party.

He said the people who had been advocating the MMD national convention were not members of the former ruling party and that it was unfortunate that they had been allowed to continue masquerading using the name of the MMD.

Mr Nakacinda said all well-meaning members of the MMD were expected to show love to the party and avoid sowing seeds of division and despondency in a scheme to fan confusion.

He said the MMD was concerned that some people had chosen the path of playing the ugly spectre of weakening the party when the former ruling party had just embarked on a process of internal healing after it suffered some assault from some of its unpatriotic members.

Mr Nakacinda explained that the survival of the MMD depended on the unity and the respect for the party constitution and that Dr Mumba was not ready and could not be the one to attempt to ignore the party constitution.

He said the MMD was being governed through a palate of morality and Dr Mumba had never been against the holding of a national convention despite his term coming to an end in 2017.

“We have observed with disappointment that some people who are not members of the MMD but masqueraders have been have been awarded positions and are using their fake title to speak ill of our leadership. They have continued to fan the ugly ordeal of dividing the MMD. All those causing confusion in the MMD are not only enemies of the party but are enemies of democracy. Nobody in the MMD and least of all Dr Mumba is going to abrogate the party constitution. The survival of the MMD depends on upholding its constitution and the party is governed on the palate of morality,” Mr Nakacinda said.

He said the MMD as a pioneer of democracy had always held its national convention at which it had democratically elected its leaders and that Dr Mumba was not going to break the party laws just to remain at the helm of the party.

He explained that Dr Mumba’s mandate would only expire in 2017 having been elected leader of the former ruling party in 2012 and advised that those who had issues with the party should always seek the interpretation of the party constitution.

“We have the constitution and whatever it dictates is final. Our members should desist from actions that would be inimical to the interest of the party. We need reconciliation at this time with respect for one another because that is the fuel for the growth of democracy,” Mr Nakacinda said.