Positive energy

The era of vacuous politics is upon us and unless we are very careful, there is a danger of being sucked into the vortex of negativity that often drives inertia, failure and despondency.

There is no doubt Zambia is at war. The high priests of doom and negativity are in high gear portending all manner of calamity for the nation. It is a very potent psychological campaign which should not be underrated because it targets the vulnerable and gullible.

The temptation is to succumb to negative energy and thereby  wring our hands in despair and accept the proposition that we have reached an economic and political cul de sac or blind alley from which we will never emerge.

We beg to differ.

The outcome of two important conferences, one held in Paris and the other held in Johannesburg, hold the key pointers to our future. What we need is a clear, well defined roadmap coupled with a resolute mindset to overcome our crisis.

With positive energy and the resources that the world is putting before us we should overcome the seemingly insurmountable economic, social and political obstacles we are confronting.

Indeed the Buddha said “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

 That is why the struggle for the mind and spirit of the Zambian psyche is so intense. The country is daily bombarded by messages that plant self-doubt and recrimination to drive the focus away from real issues that must be tackled with a common purpose and intent.

In Paris the climate conference identified the need for urgent adaptation measures in light of the serious global climate change, which has seen South Africa lose up to 40,000 head of cattle due to drought while in India at least 300 have died from flooding. The conference has established a global fund for adaptation.

Climate change is a real phenomenon that must be addressed to save lives while ensuring that all resources are directed at enhancing food security, economic recovery and social development. No political party can change the weather.

In Johannesburg the rout of commodity prices was a strange backdrop to the Forum for Africa-China cooperation where it was clearly indicated that there was still hope for Africa despite the global economic downturn.

 President Jacob Zuma noted, rather prophetically that Africa with a population of 1.1billion people had a lot to learn from China which had a population of 1.3billion, but which country had climbed out of poverty to become the leading economic giant of the world.

Africa, President Zuma noted had unique agricultural conditions, huge economic potential in its oceans, and significant quantities of mineral resources, which could be used to turn round its fortunes and lower its dependence on the developed world.

This change is only possible if we maintain a positive energy, a desire to rise above our immediate problems.

It also means that we must turn away from the noxious, energy sapping characters that have nothing to offer but doom and gloom. We must dig deep into subtle and real positive energies to see promise in the dire circumstances we confront.

We must become an energized people, ready  to appreciate and thank God for the many  blessings that we have received which make this country the truly peaceful, prosperous and  Godfearing nation that we are.

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  1. Africa must wake up , africa has fed other nations across the oceans , now need to be very careful and look to themselves that they can do it .
    Unfortunately all has been taken away including humans , africa has remained in perpetural beggars from those who have stollen from it

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