That mouth of Nawakwi opens again

I am sure whoever said empty tins make a lot of noise would have a full moon of bliss if that individual met our Edith Nawakwi, the woman who is always on cloud nine disparaging innocent people.

When I read her elections demand, I laughed my lungs out because here is a woman demanding early general elections to be held in March (when Zambia will be wettest) and yet has no desire of Plot One.

She is apparently relying on other opposition political parties to do the work for her. Absolute drivel, but this can only come from people like Nawakwi who are hell bent to see President Lungu down.

Sorry Ba Nawakwi you seem to have pitiless desires in your life and this is exactly why you have failed to win God’s favour in this facet.

You think that you are a tough lady yet inside all you think of is how and when to insult President Lungu and his government. That is inexplicable and un-lady like.

Go on Edith and insult as much as you like because that is all you are known and would be remembered for.

Steven Mukwayi