Zambians need mind-set change

October 18th will always be remembered as a special day. The day we have reserved for ourselves to ask our Lord to ease the many challenges we are going through. God Almighty will act at HIS own time. 

Meanwhile, we need to play our part. In James, Chapter 2, the Bible tells us that faith without works is dead.

And in 2 Thessalonians, we are warned against laziness.  All workers (both public and private) must ensure that they earn their salary.

Reporting late or knocking off early or inducing overtime is tantamount to stealing from your employer.

As for civil servants, it’s mandatory that they remain loyal to the government of the day. Max Weber turns in his grave when he hears that some civil servants are not non-partisan.

They have found a gold mine in FISP thereby robbing intended recipients of the much needed inputs. What disloyalty!

Vices like corruption, tribalism, nepotism, substance abuse and laziness must not be tolerated in our Christian nation.

At one time Zambians were so well known for hard work and honesty that they were the preferred expatriate labour in many a neighbouring country.

There is urgent need to change our mind-set towards a lot of things. When the late Michael Sata (MHSRIP) was governor of Lusaka there was total sanity in the capital city. For example, there was no littering.

And if you spat in public  it was at your own peril. Our local authorities need to enforce the law on public nuisance like littering and noise pollution.

Cleaning our surroundings every first Saturday of the month may not be successful as long as our mind-set towards daily cleanliness doesn’t change for the better.

It’s sad to see how much litter comes out of moving vehicles on our roads.