Church bodies shock Rev. Mwanza

It is shocking that some church bodies have taken a confrontational position on the construction of a National House of Prayer, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) executive director Pukuta Mwanza says.

He charged that ordinary worshippers from all religious dominations were prepared to work and worship together to serve the word of God compared to their leaders who were hiding behind untenable religious doctrines to fuel divisions.

“Thousands of worshippers from all denominations came to the show-ground for the day of prayer while leaders stayed away,” Reverend Mwanza said.

He revealed that mainline church leaders and politicians participated in preparation for the day of prayer held on October 18, but developed cold feet as the day approached.

“They missed a tremendous opportunity to show their commitment to peace and dialogue.” Rev Mwanza said.

He said this when he featured on the Sunday Interview programme on ZNBC television.

Rev. Mwanza said it was sad that the church which was supposed to drive the spiritual agenda was divided and leaders were in the forefront of creating division.

“The argument that the church and State had compartments from which they could not cross was not a sound argument because a human being was made up of body and soul. The church is involved in social services which should be the preserve of Government and the Government will at times take initiatives that require spiritual support from the church.

“It is biblical for kings to call for prayers, construct temples and synagogue and generally seek the support of the church when situations demanded superior intervention. Even the translation of the Bible was commissioned by a king,” he said.

Rev Mwanza explained that those opposed to the construction of the House of Prayer have not given any convincing reason, adding that politics and the church should move together with the core value of uplifting the livelihood of the people.

“The cost of the construction of the church is US$5 million and others have already spent more than that on their individual churches and now what is that US$5 million to build a State gathering or tabernacle? The cost is not high, there is nothing to complain about,” said Rev. Mwanza.

He said it was shocking that church leaders have become treacherous in the manner they have been objecting to the construction of the tabernacle.

2 thoughts on “Church bodies shock Rev. Mwanza

  1. We are behind you man of God and the support shall be our preority towards the construction of the House of Prayer. Let the devil talk he shall not defeat the works of the holy spirit.

  2. Rev. Pukhuta Mwanza is a disgrace not fit to represent a community of Christian believers . I took time to listen to all the hallobaloo the man is no where near Christ .If this man is made ambassador to any foreign country he can abandon the flock in preference to get the ambassador portfolio

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